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Struggling to overcome a health issue? There's nothing wrong with asking for help! Whether you follow a healthy lifesyle or not, you still have a chance of falling ill. Choose to be prepared.


Here's the good news — with our excellent medical care and knowledgeable team of health care providers, you'll   enjoy a great quality of life for many years to come. If you have questions, stop by or call 318-221-0691.

Struggling with a health issue that you feel uncomfortable talking about? You may call us at 318-222-8477 to discuss your questions.

Why struggle with your troubles, when we can help?

Combat your health issues

Heart Disease is the No. 1 killer of men. There are different kinds of heart disease, and many of these will lead to a heart attack without preventative steps. Educate yourself today.


Having prostate problems? The good news is that we've a number of new and effective treatments. The three most common prostrate problems are:


• Infection (prostatitis)

• Prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hypertrophy)

• Prostate cancer (the most common cancer and the  

  second leading cause of cancer deaths in men)


Stroke is the third leading cause of death for men. It occurs when a part of the brain doesn't get the blood it needs. This causes the brain cells to die, which results in seizures and permanent paralysis.


Don't want to discuss sexual dysfunction? We understand. However, you must know that life can be a lot better thanks to new developments in recent years.


Feeling depressed? There's no need for your sadness to have power over your life. With our proper care and right medication, you can live life the way you love to!

• Heart disease

• Prostate problems

• Stroke

• Sexual dysfunction

• Depression