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Feeling ill? Try our solutions!

We have a variety of alternative possibilities for your medications. There's a lot we can do for your specific problem. Choose to get better the right way!


At Medic Pharmacy Services, which includes Medic Pharmacy, Medic’s Compounding Pharmacy, and Medic Specialty Pharmacy, we care about your health! Here are a few of the categories we cover:

Is your child refusing to swallow tablets?

Call 318-222-8477. We can offer alternate dose forms or flavors to mask the bitter taste. Your kid will be better in no time!

• Dermatological / cosmetic

• Custom nutritional blending

• Pet applications                  

• Dental applications

Talk to your prescribing doctor and pick the right forms of medication. A lot of your medicines may be formulated into capsule form, which has either a powder filler or oil carrier. We'll compound medication to your exact dosage.

• Creams

• Troches

• Capsules

• Lip balms


• Injections / infusions

• Ointments and topical gels

• Tablets

• Liquids

• Suspensions

• Suppositories

• Transdermals

• Suppositories

Improve your quality of life

Certain medications especially natural hormones can be compounded into a cream, ointment, or gel form. Although primarily used to treat skin problems, they can also be applied topically for good therapeutic results.


On the other hand, we've also got lozenge-type medications that dissolve between the lower cheek and gum. An advantage of this route of administration is the direct absorption of a medication by the body.


We've also got wide variety of natural flavors to mask drug taste. You'll find this especially useful while treating your children and your pets!